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I spent the early part of my life growing up on the eastern plains of Colorado. Weekends were often spent near a lake or in the mountains near Estes Park. Years later I moved to the Texas Rio Grande valley then to San Antonio. While I enjoyed my time in Texas, I found myself missing the mountains more and more. After several vacations to Colorado, I made the decision to move back to my home state. I now call Colorado Springs home.

My new location allows me to take advantage of a couple of the things I enjoy most - hiking and exploring in the outdoors. I enjoy spending the weekends in one of the many beautiful parks the state has to offer or on a road trip exploring the back roads and small towns around the state. Many of my photos are taken during these outings.  Colorado also has some fantastic opportunities to photograph my other favorite subject - aircraft.          

I welcome any feedback or questions you might have on the images. For inquiries about prints, custom sizes, or digital copies, please contact me through the link below.

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